The Gospel Writers Light Up ‘The Dark Night’


A number of years ago I taught an early morning religion class to teenagers on the New Testament.  One morning we got into a discussion and I asked if any had seen “The Dark Knight”. This popular movie about Batman reached sales of $500 million. A number of the boys raised their hand and even one girl was brave enough to raise hers. I asked four of them to tell me what the movie was about. Each had their perspective on the movie and each contributed to my knowledge of a movie I hadn’t seen.

I then told them that they had just represented Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the telling of the life of Christ. Four stories are told, and like them, different information and at times conflicting accounts are told. All four add to the knowledge of the Savior and have certain insights that they contribute. Combined they compliment each other and serve a great purpose in understanding the life and times of the Son of God.

The gospels as narrated by four inspired writers who give us the story of our Savior. Even with that, the story of Jesus is incomplete without the inspired writings of modern prophets. What a blessing it is to have modern revelation that tells us of the ante-mortal state of Christ, a more detailed account of His role in the war in Heaven, and of course His role and calling in this life. The ‘Dark’ Knight is a fictional character but Jesus Christ is not and serves as the ‘light’ of the world.

I was informed in that early morning class about a movie I had never seen and knew little about.  Each of the students helped me gain a greater insight into the story of Batman.  They also differed in their reports when it came to minor things. That is the human side of man. Let us be grateful for all the inspired accounts we have available to us on the life and times of our Savior Jesus Christ. And although the records written might not always agree on some minor points, they all agree on the major point; that he was and is the Savior of the world. Their testimonies light up the dark night of ignorance regarding the purpose of this life.



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