The Lord Often Communicates His Love Through Others

Several years ago a leader was contemplating a church youth trip he was in charge of that was about to take place. In the middle of his pensive mood a thought came to his mind, out of the blue, to ask another man from the church to participate in the trip by giving him a small but important assignment. This other member was a good man who had served the church in various callings and assignments; none of which would have been recognized by the common member. He acted upon his impression and later that week called and asked the other man if he could fulfill the assignment. He agreed that he could. Later, while on the youth trip the man asked the leader if they could speak together privately. They retired to a secluded room where he told his leader that he had been contemplating suicide due to his extreme medical problems. However, when he was asked to help out on this trip, he concluded that he was needed and that the Lord had not forgotten him. The men embraced and they both left the room uplifted knowing that the Lord does indeed know each of us by name and often communicates His love through other people.

I am sure that at times, all of us will feel abandoned. Even Christ himself lamented on the cross, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46). We know that the Lord never really abandons us but sometimes it feels that way. I am sure that the Lord knows of our pain and watches over us. But if we don’t have faith in Him, we can distance ourselves from His comforting light. I have a testimony that each of us has value in the eyes of the Lord and that in our darkest moments, when we feel we cannot take another step, He will provide a way for us to be comforted. He will reveal to us, often through others, that we are known to Him by name. He is the Father of us all!

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