The Road To Drugs Or Jesus


I once met with a wonderful women of faith who was going through a difficult time in her life. An unfaithful husband coupled with personal health issues, and troubles with her children left her in a state of extreme depression. She shared with me how difficult it was to attend church and associate with members of our faith. It wasn’t that she didn’t feel cared for or loved by them, it was simply the depressing nature of her life and having to face the possible discussion of her problems with others. Attending church, for her, seemed to feed her depression instead of curing it! Or it least she perceived it that way. She then remarked with sadness, “I’m sorry to confess that I’ve taken to drinking from time to time in order to dull my senses.”

We talked for a long while and discussed the positive nature that comes when we obey the commandments and the strength that comes from regular attendance at church. There is, in reality, wonderful blessing that do come into our lives from these things. The commandments were given to bless us, not damn us. And regular church attendance, while monotonous at times to some, really does uplift and inspire us if we are in the right worship of mind. And just being in the Lord’s house often provides us with a certain peace and connection with Deity.

This wonderful women’s story is not unique. Many of us find we are faced with challenges that seem to overwhelm us and lead us into pathways that are dark and lonely. With darkness comes fear of the unknown and trepidation at every step. It is then not unusual for some to seek help in artificial ways. Ways that can ultimately lead to great travesty, compounding their already fragile state. Recently a friend of ours shockingly related that they had lost eight extended family members to illegal drug overdoses. Be it legal or illegal, there is no question that our nation is plagued and being torn apart by the use of drugs that alter the mind and dampen the ability of us to feel the presence of a loving Heavenly Father in our lives.

A number of years ago Tim McGraw penned and sang a song called, “Drugs or Jesus.”
Part of the lyrics read:

“My whole life, I’ve tried to run, I’ve tried to hide. From the stained-glass windows in my mind. Refusing to let God’s light shine down on me…(we) sit and watch a perfect world go by. We’re all looking for love and meaning in our lives…we follow the roads that lead us to drugs or Jesus.”

Meaning can be found in the life when we understand the purpose of life as revealed through the Lord’s plan of salvation.

Fortunately my friend found her way back. A few years later we talked again. Her face had regained its light and her spirit was buoyant. She had chosen the way back to Jesus. Faith in Him had provided her with the strength to overcome and return to the fold.

May we take comfort in the words of the Redeemer when he declared:

“ I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.” (John 12:46)

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