You Took The Comforter Away From Me!

“A comforter is a type of blanket. Comforters are intended to keep the user warm, especially during sleep…Comforters are generally large and rectangular in shape, filled with natural or synthetic insulative material…” (Wikipedia)

The other morning, my wife complained to me that I left her with a “napkin” for a cover throughout the night. I unknowingly had “hogged” the bed’s comforter. She was left struggling all night for warmth, covered with a just a small corner of the blanket. I assured her that it wasn’t on purpose, but the fact remained. Be it on purpose or not, I took the comforter away from her, leaving her without the benefit of warmth. When she complained, “You took the comforter away from me”, it got me to thinking about why that big blanket is called a “comforter.”

Even though I had heard the words “bed comforter” thousands of times in my life, it never dawned on me to think of it in relation to the term “the comforter” as used in the scriptures. Remember when the Savior told his disciples that he needed to go away in order for “the comforter” to come? (John 16:7). He was speaking, of course, of the Gift of the Holy Ghost. They would receive a great gift that would give them warmth and comfort throughout the cold times of their lives, much like a bed comforter.
Jesus said,
“I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever.”(John 14:16)

All of us need to live our lives such that the “comforter” is upon us, and our loved ones through the long nights of this earth. Perhaps I inadvertently left my wife suffering the other night as I took away the bed comforter from her, yet the results were the same as if I had intentionally done it. So too, we must be careful that be it in ignorance, or rebellion, laziness, or through selfishness, we don’t rob ourselves, our spouses, and families from the warmth that comes from the spiritual blanket called “the comforter.” It’s wonderful if we are reading in the scriptures and praying on a daily basis, but if we are not helping and encouraging our children and our spouse to do the same, are we not in some way “hogging” the comforter. We cannot, of course, force our loved ones to read and pray, but aren’t we somewhat selfish when we only care for the spiritual welfare of our souls. We may not intentionally be leaving our loved ones with a “napkin” for warmth, but the end result is the same. We might inadvertently be leaving our families “out in the cold” while we enjoy the warmth of God’s rays. Likewise, by not living the commandments, we are not only robbing ourselves but also our loved ones of the great comfort that comes from the warmth the Lord gives to all those who are close to Him.

All of our homes can become better insulated from the evils of the world as we seek the spirit. Be it in times of sunshine or rain! Let us resign ourselves to living lives that invite the Lord’s “comforter” into our homes. Let us not be contributors to the cries that come from the innocents, found in so many homes, who seek for comfort and cannot find it within their walls. Let us live our lives such that the warmth of the “comforter” is “large” as unto a blanket, that all may be protected from the cold and live in the warmth of the spirit of God as promised by the Savior. (John 14:16)

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