The Shocking Discovery Of An Ancient Journal


The journal of a member of the forty-year party of wandering Israelites, led by the famed Moses, was shockingly discovered by a man recently when he opened the Old Testament. In it he found these entries:

“Would to God we had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt when we ate bread till we were full. Instead, this nut Moses has brought us into this wilderness where will we all starve to death. I don’t know who he thinks he is! He is not inspired! Who appointed him as leader anyway! (Actually this entry closely parallels Exodus 16:3)

“Can you believe that Moses has told us that the ‘magic bread’ will be available to be gathered to eat only on certain days! Who does he think he is to tell us what to do! How can this bread spoil in only one day; Oh, but sometimes two? I don’t get it!
(Actually this entry closely parallels Exodus 16:27)

“Today was another day without water. I’m beginning to think that this Moses brought all of us out of Egypt to kill us, our families, and our cattle with thirst! I’m on my second pair of sandals. My feet hurt, my back aches. I don’t know why my wife is so inspired by this guy. I never should have listened to her and left Egypt!”
(Actually this entry closely parallels Exodus 17:3)

“Moses has been gone a long time and I was talking to Aaron today and we think he is dead. Great! Just great, now what! A couple of other men think that we should fashion a Golden Calf to worship. At least we can see it and touch it. It would give us more hope than some hokey God that Moses tells us about but that none of us has ever seen.”
(Actually this entry closely parallels Exodus 32:1)

“Manna again for dinner! I’m so sick of this stuff. Moses tells us we need to be grateful…whatever! I want something I can sink my teeth into like a good salmon. In Egypt we had fish till it was coming out our ears. And melons, cucumbers, onions, garlic. Most days I wonder what I was thinking! I don’t think Moses even knows where the heck we are going. There are a number of us who are thinking about just leaving and finding our way back. I need to pray about it!”
(Actually this entry closely parallels Numbers 11:5)

The next time we want to draw conclusions about the character of our early church leaders via journals of complainers, let us ponder the journals of the children of Israel whose entries, found in the scriptures, would lead us to reject Moses, the Ten Commandments and a loving Father and substitute it with a Golden Calf.

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