IN MY DEFENSE (I Love Being With Her!) NOV. 9, 2015
“As I sat on the bed telling my sad tale, she jumped up, grabbed the phone beside the bed and said, “Who is this man to say such things to you. He doesn’t even know you. He has no ideal what kind of man you are. I’m going to call him right now and tell him what I think!” There she was, phone off the hook, looking to dial with fire in her eyes. It was so funny that I started to laugh. I told her to put the phone down, which she did. I will never forget how much love I felt, seeing her fiercely standing there in my defense! It was so opposite of her personality to act that way. I’m sure she really wouldn’t have made that call. But it was nice to know she thought so much of me that she would defend me so…” FULL MESSAGE AT

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