The Warts Of The Soul!


I don’t know what is in the formula, nor can I explain it, but I do know that it works. As a young teenage boy, like most teenagers, I was very self-conscious about my looks. Anything out of the ordinary was not a desirable trait to possess. So, when a small wart appeared on the top of my left hand one morning, it was cause for concern. After all, who wants to hold hands with a boy who has warts. As the wart grew, so did my concern.

I determined to ask the doctor I had most confidence in on how to get rid of it; my mother. She put me on to a substance called “Compound W”. I quickly purchased it and started reading the directions. Apparently by putting this “compound” on my wart, it would make it disappear. I didn’t even finish reading the directions but straightway squeezed a few drops of the “magic” potion onto the offending growth. No sooner had I done so when excruciating pain seized my hand. It was like acid was being poured on the wart. I later found out that “Compound W” was mostly just that; acid. If I had read further on the directions I would have noted that prior to application Vaseline was to be applied around the wart for protection.  I didn’t make that mistake again. It took quite awhile and it still burned every time I applied it on the wart. But it worked! Slowly but surely the wart got smaller and smaller till it flattened out and looked like normal skin. It never returned and I learned that I never wanted to experience that wonderful “compound” again. I was grateful for it, but using it once was enough for me!

Perhaps you have had a wart! They are an affront to the eyes and most of us do our best to get rid of something so foul. So too are the warts of the soul! Perhaps you have had an experience with the spiritual wart. It is also something repugnant to live with. Spiritual warts are also an affront to the eyes of the Lord. We all have them and need the soothing application of the saving spiritual “Compound R” offered by repentance. It always hurts a bit when we repent, but if we surround ourselves with the “soothing” Vaseline of the Savior’s love, we will find that the pain will be lessened, and we will find peace. Our spiritual warts will disappear, never to return. We need not think that it has to be grievous sins when we repent. It is a daily process that requires the constant application of the Savior’s atonement and obedience to his commandments.

Compound “R”,(repentance), is also a formula that I can’t totally explain, but I know it works because I have applied it in my life. Take advantage of the healing power of repentance. Dieter Uchdort had this to say on the subject.

“The good news that Jesus Christ has made the perfect Atonement for mankind, redeeming all from the grave and rewarding each individual according to his or her works, was the healing power which brought hope and peace back into my life. Whatever our challenges in life may be, our burdens may become light if we not only believe in Christ but also in His ability and His power to cleanse and console our lives. Our lives are healed as we accept His peace.” (Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “Heeding the Voice of the Prophets,” Liahona, Jul 2008, 2–5).

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