We Are Left With Pilate’s Apprehensive: “What Is Truth?”


He answered: “To this end I was born…that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth heareth my voice.” As he started to leave the hall, Pilate, more out of apprehension and bewilderment, exclaimed: “What is truth?”

So here we are again. Different time and place, but faced with the same perplexing question. A question that hangs heavily in the air but that gravity never seems to bring down upon ‘we the people.’ We listen with ‘itching’ ears and strain with ‘bloodshot’ eyes for the answer to that long ago question. We yearn for the sweet ‘taste’ of honesty from our political leaders, those that take the Attorneys Oath, and others who carry upon themselves the Hippocratic Oath. We depend upon our media to supply us with unbiased information so we can find the truth which allows us to make choices that will bless the lives of our families and of mankind. But still we are left bewildered and confused, as was Pilate.

And the public ‘hand washing’ by our leaders, on all sides, is beginning to grow tiresome to us all. As our search for truth grows ever so elusive and burdensome, we are left with the Pilatean question of ‘what is truth?’ and the disappointing conclusion that we might never find it!

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