That’s A Belief I Never Want To Mess With!


Red leaves on the river
Footprints in the sand
Cold walk in December
Warming up your hands
Sun dress on the front steps
Sun up by the lake
Blanket down in the backyard
Lying wide awake

That’s a memory I don’t mess with
The girl I was the best with
The one I was obsessed with
Girl, you just don’t get it
I’d fall right back with one slip
Always leaves me helpless
Don’t hate me, I can’t help it
Gotta leave us where we left it
You’re a memory I don’t mess with
(Lee Brice-“Memory I Don’t Mess With”)

The beauty of believing in eternal marriage is that the memories of the beginning of my relationship with my wife of forty-three years, are not forever memories. Reality from my belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ and His resurrection, tells me that I have memories to make with her that will reach into the eternities. Our bodies may be aging and slowing dying, but the beauty for believers in Christ, is that the “girl I am obsessed with” is a memory I won’t have to leave behind when the angles come for me! We will be together forever, on the other side! That’s a belief I never want to mess with!

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