The ‘Hallelujah’ Wife!


I can still see her face when I first picked her up on a Saturday from her apartment on February 11th of 1978….. I remember dating her and never wanting to leave her. I missed her as soon as I walked out the door. I always loved being with her.  She made me feel like I was the most wonderful man in the world and that she thought I could take on anything.  In her eyes I could see that she thought I would become “The President of the United States,” the next prophet of the church, with the money of Bill Gates, all rolled in one.

She turned out to be more than I thought possible in a mate. I have gained great respect for her and for the complete woman of God she has become. My Mom once said she reminded her of herself when she was a young mother. I can’t think of a greater compliment a woman could receive and one I fully endorse.

To me, she is the type of wife that every man deserves, but seldom gets.  A wonderful spouse who loves, honors, respects, supports, and loves her husband. No greater blessing could the Lord give to a man. I guess the best words to describe my thanks to the Lord for bringing her into my life is a simple refrain shouted at the dedication of temples, “Hallelujah!”

My feelings are not unique. There are still many marriages whose love for their spouse knows no bound, distance or time.  May all of us take the time to express our love and appreciation this Valentines Day to our spouses for all the sacrificies they have made on our behalf. A simple expression of, “Hallelujah,” to them, and to the Lord just might be the order of the day!

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