Welcome To My World ‘Lady’ Charlotte!

It was more than ten years ago that, at dawn’s early light, I opened my eyes.  I glanced at the time, 5:08 am. My wife was also awake. We both lay there awhile but I knew I couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up. It was a Wednesday, the first day of December, a good day for the birth of a new grandchild.

I have never had the opportunity to actually witness the birth of a baby since my last child’s birth in 1988. You cannot put into words the miracle of it all. Being there as a witness is the only way to actually capture the beauty of it all. The hand print of God is so evident. I can scarcely maintain my emotions as I watch the scene unfold before my eyes. I guess I really didn’t hold my emotions. Scarcely just means I cried “a little bit”.

At 2:23 am the next day I hear Charlotte Victoria’s first cry! Her cry is the sweetest sound and draws from my most inner being, an appreciation for the miracle of LIFE. Her umbilical cord is cut and the little girl is now on her own. Hugs all around! The next hour or so bring out swellings of deep appreciation for what women go through to bring a new life into this world. I am glad that my daughter allowed me to be in the room to witness it. My testimony of a God has been strengthened by the experience. Charlotte has plenty of dark hair, a head that is elongated due to her passage through the birth canal, and big eyes that are wide open; the whole time!  She seems to be looking right at me when I take my turn to hold her. I have never seen a newborn keep her eyes open and she seems to actually look about the room. I know that baby’s eyes cannot focus so soon after birth but it doesn’t matter to me. I discount that fact because she is one of mine. My wife and I are the last ones to leave the room. The baby is already attempting to nurse and everyone is emotionally spent, at least I am.

At near four in the morning my wife and I drive home and share with each other our feelings about the whole miraculous day.  Just before we reach our daughter’s house, where we are staying, we spy six huge beautiful deer walking down the sidewalk about two blocks from the local college campus. They appear to be taking a leisurely morning walk for a little exercise. I stopped the car beside them and they perk their ears way up and look at us. They look regal and majestic standing there! They appear to be in awe of us as much as we are in awe of them! After a few minutes they walk away from us like they are taking a stroll down Broadway. After witnessing the birth of Charlotte, this experience with the deer is like a second witness of the glory of God’s creations. A fitting ending to a day that I won’t soon forget. My wife and I are so wound up we can’t go directly to sleep so we both fall to sleep on the couch watching TV. Thus ended the day when I first laid eyes on “Lady” Charlotte, the great new blessing in my life. Charlotte: “Welcome to my world! Love you Grandpa.

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