When The World Is Your Sibling!


Recently my little sister and I had lunch together. We talked of old times, shared good memories, and got updates on our children’s lives. During our lunch she pulled out a few pictures of when we were young; some of which I had never seen before. One in particular was of the two of us at a beach in Maryland when we were both in high school. There we are, in all our youth. Me with football in hand, she wearing that youthful smile that stopped the hearts of plenty of my guy friends.

After we parted and before I drove away from the parking lot that day, I pulled the photo out of my shirt pocket and studied it. The photo was great, but the feeling that came from looking at it was even better. The road of life is long and winding. As I looked at that photo, little did we know then, of the joy that awaited ahead of us down life’s path. Love, in all its grandeur with a spouse, children, and wonderful relationships we would form with many others over the years. So too, the pains of death, disappointments, tragedy, and physical traumas that have taken a toll on our bodies and our spirits.

I don’t know about others, but in that moment, the feelings welled up inside my heart, and I was so thankful to God for someone who has been on that experience with me from the beginning. Who can explain the bond? What is a brother; sister? I think Heavenly Father fully understands the bonds, and beauty of siblings and of a family! They should be your best friends. They should be there for you and you for them. And as I looked at that picture, it reminded me, once again, why I had taken time to have lunch with my best friend of old. Because that relationship is God given and endorsed. So, as I pulled out of the parking lot that day I thanked the Lord for a little sister as well as for all my other siblings. And I pondered why those bonds are so tight and seem to endure the test of time, distance, and death itself. The deep feelings remain.

So, on her birthday, I was left pondering that if we do come from the same loving God and are truly his children, which I believe to be the case, is there any wonder why many churches teach their congregants to address each other as “Brother and Sister!” What a wonderful world it would be if we saw others as the Lord intended. “One family under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all; and the world was your sibling!

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