I Love My Older Sister!


When you have an older sister it seems you also are blessed with another mother, because you feel secure knowing she is there. When you have an older sister like mine, you really are! When you have an older sister, you are always the ‘little brother’ no matter what your age. And somehow her saying that turns back the years of page. When you have an older sister, she loves you for who you are, and you are grateful everyday for that, and love her just the same. When you have an older sister she listens to your cries, and even when you are old, she helps to wipe your eyes. Are there really words to describe, the feelings that you bear, when you see her be the protector of everyone while listening with real care. I watch her serve without much notice, she never shines her light upon herself to gain some fame as most others might. Rather, she stands in the shadow out of sight, and smiles at others success with delight. It’s inspiring to observe! And it’s really quite ironic, that one of my uncles gave her the nickname of ‘Tiny Weeny Heart’ when she was a kid, because of everyone I know, she has the ‘biggest’ heart of all!

So it’s really hard to express in words, the feelings that are so tender. How can you thank her for loving you, your kids, your wife, your life, and the service that she renders? I’m not really sure you can by any words or deeds. But on their special day perhaps a “thanks,” a great big hug, perhaps even a kisser, can communicate the most important message that, “I love my older sister!”

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